Why should I make the change to winter tyres?

Toyota Auris Currie Motors Winter Tyre

With the cold icy weather drawing in, it’s time to make sure your car is winter ready. Winter tyres can be quickly fitted to your car

Currie Motors Winter Tyre
Currie Motors Winter Tyre

and are designed to offer additional grip and improved stopping distances in the wet, icy and snowy weather expected in the wintery months.

They are manufactured with higher levels of natural rubber and silica, which remains supple and elastic in the colder conditions. Along with a deep tread pattern, the wheel is able to carve through the loose top surface of the road and the tread is able to fill up with snow. The packed in snow grips to the snow on the road, giving additional grip. The deeper tread also aids to lower the risk of aquaplaning across standing water. The wavy incisions act as tiny teeth, biting the road surface and keeping the car under control.

Winter tyres are designed for optimal safety below 7 degrees. It is essential to change all 4 tyres. With 2 standard tyres fitted, the car will be more difficult to control and more likely to skid. Each tyre displays a rating letter on the side (S,T,H…) which shows the maximum speed the car should be driven at. For example, the letter H means a maximum speed of 131mph.

In addition to the improved grip and reduced stopping distances, the winter tyre is also more durable in lower temperatures compared to a standard tyre. When the weather warms up around March, each tyre should be stored horizontally in their own bag so they are remain clean, ready for the following year.

Although it is not the law in the UK to carry winter tyres, it is compulsory across many European countries and strongly recommended through others. So if you are planning a trip across the continent, call one of our Currie Motors branches now to arrange a fitting.

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