T-Charge – Everything You Need To Know

What is the T-charge?

The T-charge or Toxicity charge is a £10 charge for older vehicles entering the centre of London. It will work alongside the existing £11.50 congestion charge.

Who will it affect?

It will affect both diesel and petrol cars with pre-Euro 4 engines, typically those registered before 2005.

Why is it being introduced?

It is aimed at improving London’s air quality by reducing the number of high-polluting vehicles that enter the capital.

When will it be in place?

It is due to come into effect on 23 October 2017. It will run in the same area and over the same operating times (Monday-Friday 7am-6pm) as the existing congestion charge zone.

How much will it be and how do you pay?

The T-charge is an extra £10.00 on top of the £11.50 congestion charge. It will use the same payment system as the congestion charge. Transport for London will determine whether a vehicle is subject to the charge and the drive will pay for both the congestion charge and T-charge (if applicable) in the same transaction. The penalty for non-payment is £130 (reduced to £65 is paid within 14 days)

Be prepared and use this handy T-charge checker to see if your vehicle will be affected.

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